Fee Free U.S. National Parks This Weekend!

This weekend, August 15-16 is the last one this summer to visit the U.S. National Parks for free!

The National Park Service announced back in June that there would be several weekends this summer when entrance fees would be waived and people could enjoy all that the parks have to offer without ponying up much dough. Granted, some National Parks and Monuments are already free, but the more popular places are worth it. Bear in mind that some fees (like camping and third party events) are not waived. The NPS has posted a list of all the parks offering this fee free weekend, listed by state. Many third party park vendors are also holding specials in honor of the fee-free weekend.

If you’ve never visited one of your national parks, you really have no idea what you’re missing. From famous battlefields, to national historical landmarks, to forests and plains, the National Park System is as varied as the people who fund it (that would be you). This is the perfect opportunity for you to learn more about the National Parks and what the NPS is trying to accomplish.

Chris Cavallari

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