Get outside!

It can be tough to get outside as much as we’d like to, despite the well known fact that being outdoors is good for our mental and physical health. Some readers of this blog are likely to be people who spend most of their day indoors behind a computer. I find myself sitting at my desk or on my bed, laptop at the ready, way, way too often. Tech expert Chris Pirillo is well known for his live video streams from behind his massive tech station in his home in Washington state. But in this video, Chris “The Great Indoorsman” Pirillo describes his first hike after escaping the dank confines of his tech cave.

Chris Cavallari

About Chris Cavallari

Chris is a longtime digital content producer based in Maine. Since 1999, he has been an early adopter and active participant in blogging, podcasting, and social media, and has been guiding small and mid-sized businesses in leveraging video, social media, and digital publishing to the fullest. With an avid love of travel and the outdoors, Chris started in 2009 to give him a platform to showcase his outdoors and travel adventures, and to help educate others in doing the same.