Part of being a Part Time Vagabond is making short trips a regular part of your life. The reason I’m a part time vagabond is because I don’t necessarily have the resources to travel full time right now. That doesn’t mean I won’t be traveling on a regular basis in the future. In fact, that’s the goal very, very soon. For now, though, I have to find alternate ways of having fun and getting outdoors. As I was reading one of my favorite blogs, The Path Less Pedaled, I happened to learn about S24O (pronounced “ES-two-four-OH”). Russ and Laura from Path Less Pedaled are on an extended bike trip around the U.S., and Russ posted an entry on the Bike Commuters blog about S24O and the guy who supposedly coined the phrase, Grant Petersen.

I thought about this idea of taking short overnight camping trips and realized it was a stroke of genius. Sure, it’d be great for me to be able to ride my bike to the location, and I plan to do that in the future, but I simply don’t have the proper gear for that yet. So in the meantime, a short car ride will suffice. After all, I came to Maine so I could camp and hike and be outside! And dammit, that’s what I’m going to do!

This week at work is going to be a rough one, so I’m thinking next Monday might be the day. Just throw some stuff in the car, grab my tent and sleeping bag, and head to one of the nearby parks. It will give me an opportunity to relax, have some time in the woods, maybe read a book and sit by a campfire. I need to do more of that. I can’t wait!

Photo Credit: Bedtime by Jeff Pang on Flickr

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