16 Hours of Camping

Today I embark upon my first sub twenty-four hour camping trip, and although I’ve done zero preparation for this overnight stay, I’m upbeat and excited. It’s about 8:45 on Monday morning, and despite an allergy attack yesterday that had me laid up in bed, I’m ready to go with allergy meds and Breathe Right nasal strips. I will be a breathing machine.

The plan as it stands is to pack everything in my giant Lowe Alpine backpack, a behemoth with nearly 5000 cubic inches of cargo space and pockets galore. I bought this pack around 1997 for multi-day backpacking trips, but it’s hardly been used for that purpose, and now that I’m 12 years older, I’m thinking a smaller, more compact and lightweight model would be better for me. For now, though, I’m taking it with me to test how well the pack and I hold up.

Once I’m packed, I’ll head up to Bradbury Mountain State Park in Pownal, ME, pick a campsite, and then do some day hiking, pack fully loaded. I’ll make sure to take some video and post it up here on the site after I get back. Since moving to Maine, I’ve only spent one night in the woods, so you can imagine how much I’m looking forward to this. I only wish I’d realized I could do this sooner!

Chris Cavallari

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