For me, bike season is over…

brokenspokeYes, it’s that time of year once again where the temperatures cool, the leaves begin to turn, and the summer fun gear gets put away. Usually, I can get away with riding my bike until early October, just about the time when I finally stop wearing shorts and start in with the long pants. Unfortunately, I’ve had to cut my bike riding season short this year, as I’ve broken two spokes on my rear wheel, rendering it effectively useless until I can find the money to have the wheel respoked and trued. This happened about two weeks ago, so I’ve been off my bike since then, and my body is rebelling about that. I knew when I popped the first spoke that I’d have to hurry to get the wheel fixed, but when I went out for a ride a few weeks ago, and I heard the “twhang” of snapping metal as my rear wheel started to wobble, I knew it was over. I may actually have to get the entire wheel rebuilt, as it seems the spokes are old enough that they’re breaking. That will cost me. So for now, my bike sits sans rear wheel, and I wait until I have enough saved to get it fixed. Who’s up for some skiing?

Chris Cavallari

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