GEAR: Energy Generating Backpack!

Engergy Generating Backpack

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From what I understand, a backpack that has accessories that create energy as you hike is nothing new, solar panels being the main form of energy generation. But Treehugger wrote up a post about this pack, developed by UPENN biologist Lawrence Rome brings it to a new level. Using an external frame loaded with a spring mechanism, the pack uses the natural motion of the hiker to create wattage that can be stored, presumably in some kind of battery cell.

People are saying that because of the backpack’s spring loaded frame, the pack provides a much more comfortable ride, cushioning hard impacts, and maybe more importantly, making it easier to lift yourself up steep inclines or steps. The more weight in the pack, and the more vigorous your hike, the more energy you create. So all you gadget geeks can bring your GPS devices, flashlights, and *groan* yes, even cell phones, and have them all charged up on your trip. But please, for my sake…


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