Friday Snapshot: White Manna, Hackensack, New Jersey

One of the best parts of a road trip is food. And the eating of that food. And food related facilities. White Manna Hamburgers on River Road in Hackensack, New Jersey has all three. And they are so worth it. Hop inside this tiny building and sidle up to the counter to order the best sliders you will ever wrap your mouth parts around. Order up 4 or 5, with cheese and onions, and watch as the cook behind the counter skillfully grills your order to perfection along with the 6 people ahead of you and 7 behind you. Fresh ground beef, paper thin onions, local cheese, and locally baked potato bread rolls come together into a greasy but oh-so-satisfying sandwich of the gods. Eat them there or get them to go and watch the staff wrap these little slices of Heaven in wax paper and drop them lovingly into a brown paper bag that you’ll be able to see through in less than 2 minutes. Whatever you do, get there early because there will be a line, and be ready with your order. There’s no hemming and hawing at this burger joint. Forget Five Guys or In-N-Out. This is more than eating; this is a true American experience.

White Manna Hamburgers, Hackensack, New Jersey

Chris Cavallari

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