Weekly Roundup: The Beginning

We’re going to start doing a new thing here at PTV: The Weekly Roundup. I like the idea of sharing what we’re reading on the web, and we read a lot of stuff. I also like the idea of promoting other bloggers who I think are doing a very good job. So, without further ado, here’s the first roundup.


God forbid you should leave the twittering at home while you’re backpacking. Now you can tweet with the rest of the birds. Thankfully Calippider has some respite for us in the mountains of the John Muir Wilderness. I love her trip reports!


A sad day for chocolate lovers: The Hershey’s factory is closing down. But a good day for us in the Northeast: Russ and Laura from PathLessPedaled.com are headed this way!  Russ and Laura also have a new Bike Camping e-book for sale (I’m currently reading the book Panniers and Peanut Butter, so look for a review next week here on PTV).

Um…So, you’re in an airport, on a layover to a country halfway around the world, and you’ve got…the shits. Maiden Voyage delves deep into the, um…sticky situation. Ok, even I’m grossed out now.


Ever wonder why your favorite beer tastes so good? Here’s what’s in some popular craft brews.  If you’re more into the making than the drinking, Brew Masters is hitting the air waves.


Seth Godin yet again calls us out to remind us that our seemingly selfless acts of giving usually aren’t all that selfless, but when we do finally give for free, it has benefits we’d never imagine.

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