The Roundup – October 13

East Pike Lake, by Stan Oleson

East Pike Lake, by Stan Oleson

Time to get back to the Roundup. Here are some cool stories and links I found recently.

Want to do some longer term traveling? If Part Time Vagabonding isn’t floating your boat anymore, try house sitting.

How about living on a volcano? One shaped like a sombrero? Yeah, that might do…maybe.

Or, if you’re more into mountain climbing, this pack puts airbags on your back, so in the event of an avalanche, you can still breathe.

I, on the other hand, am a big fan of the road trip, and in particular road side rest areas. But they’re dying out, so this photographer is making sure they live on.

Maybe you don’t know, but my original career was in the film and television industry. This street map infographic hit both my loves: Famous Movie places and Travel.

Rhon at writes so viscerally about spending time outdoors here in Maine. I kinda hate how good he is…and how often he gets out there.
Canoe Trip: Part One

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