Travel Tip: Get Travel Deals Delivered Right To Your Inbox

Sign up for loyalty programs and company newsletters to get travel deals in your inbox!
The easiest way to learn about travel deals, like discounted airfare, hotel stays, or campsite specials, is to sign up for mailing lists. It’s easy and quick, and you can save a LOT of money by taking advantage. Many times, these deals will be last minute, so being flexible is key.

Most airlines make you join their frequent flier programs in order to get email deals, but they’re usually free to join. Many airlines will also give you free miles/points just for signing up. Some give you points for doing surveys or sharing the program on social media.

Organize the travel deal emails and keep your inbox clean by creating a filter and adding each email address the first time you receive an email from the airline, hotel, or other travel provider. Gmail makes this process very easy, but you can also do some basic filtering with with most other email providers and email programs. Then you can easily scan the folder or label for the deals that fit your travel plans.
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