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American Pickers: One man’s junk is another man’s treasure

There’s a new TV show on the History Channel called American Pickers, where two scruffy, Laurel and Hardy looking guys travel around America looking for treasure among our junk. I love this show, mostly because I’d love to be doing their jobs. You know, if I had the audacity, determination, and sheer will to do […]

Time Lapse Video from Around the World

I am a sucker for time lapse videos. People are shooting some fantastic footage of landscapes, cityscapes, and everything in between. The video below is from a Vimeo group called “The Good Stuff,” and showcases some gorgeous time lapse footage from around the world. Shot by Sean Stiegemeier during his travels to locations like Prague, […]

VIDEO: The Path Less Pedaled Interviews – the decision

Some people are homebodies. Creating a close network of family and friends in a relatively small area keeps them grounded and safe. They have a local community to support them. This works for most people in life. But some people find that their lives are lacking something in their current situation. Their worlds have been […]