The List

Everyone has one. Whether you write it down, type it, or store it deep in the bowels of your mind, it’s always there, lurking. The List. All the places you want to go, the sights you want to see, the experiences you want to have. Generally, I’m not a fan of The List, because it just makes me depressed looking at how many things I haven’t crossed off it yet. But today, I’m feeling good. Today, I’m feeling that if I put the list out there, I can make it real, and then I can conquer it. Watch out The List. I’m on to you.

The List

    • Milford Track, New Zealand
    • Pacific Crest Trail, USA
    • Appalachian Trail, USA
    • Pennine Way, UK
    • Somewhere in Australia
    • Boundary Waters Canoe Area
    • Maine Island Trail
    • Pacific Coast, USA
    • United Kingdom
    • Ireland
    • Japan
    • Tuscany, Italy
    • Spain
    • Italy

I’m sure there are many places to visit that I’m just not thinking about. What would you add to The List? Leave a comment below!

Chris Cavallari

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