GEAR – Sleeping bags for Side Sleepers

Sierra Designs Diamond Spring 30 (courtesy of Sierra Designs)

Sierra Designs Diamond Spring 30 (courtesy of Sierra Designs)

I’m a big dude. And I sleep on my side. And my back. And my stomach. And every position in between. So I need a sleeping bag that can move with me without feeling like I’ve truly been mummified. And believe it or not, I also like to stay warm when I sleep outdoors. So when it comes to traditional mummy bags, those qualities tend to be mutually exclusive. But, in this post at Outdoor Magazine, the Gear Girl shows us a couple of lightweight sleeping bags (alas, the bags in the blog post are designed for women; both companies profiled do offer men’s bags too) that not only keep your feet toasty warm on those cool evenings, but won’t leave you feeling like a caterpillar in a tightly wound cocoon. Sierra Designs calls the technology “Flex,” while the Golite bag is profiled for its center zipper that stays out of the way for side sleepers. Maybe in the future I can try out a few bags for side sleepers and post reviews here. For now, I’ll suffer in my “for-back-sleepers-only” mummy bag.

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