Outside Magazine getting a TV Network

Outside Magazine. Image courtesy outside.away.com

Outside Magazine. Image courtesy outside.away.com

According to this New York Times article, Mariah Media, the publishers of Outside Magazine, just bought the Resort Sports Network and will be transforming it to the Outside Television Network. I’m interested to see what kind of programming they put on the network and where it will be available. The last time a television network tried for outdoors programming (the Outdoor Life Network, or OLN), it failed and was converted to VS. It is good to see a focus on outdoors programming again. I mostly worry that it will play boring content that won’t hook anyone, the same ol’ same ol’ snowboarding-and-skateboarding-OMGACTIONSPORTS you can find on every other sports network in the world. Then again, it might just signal a renewed drive to get people interested in outdoors activities, which in my eyes is a very good thing.

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