Roadcamp – A Social Media Roadtrip

If you’ve read this blog enough, you should know by now that I love a good road trip. I love technology too; I’m a geek at heart. It should come as no surprise, then, that I am completely excited about a little project some of my friends have dreamed up. The good folks at are taking a trip from Montreal, Quebec to Austin, Texas on their way to the South by Southwest (SxSW) conference, holding workshops and get-togethers along the way. I had floated a similar idea with some of the participants a year ago or so, but I’m in no way taking credit for this project. In any case, Roadcamp is going to be a blast for all those involved.

From the website:

RoadCamp is going to be a tour bus packed of musicians, vloggers, bloggers, and developers that’s going to spend three days on the road travelling from Montreal to Austin to SXSW, the biggest music, film, and interactive festival we know of. Along the way, there will be Workshops and TweetUps and we’ll try to solve many of the problems facing many media industries today.

My sources tell me there’s some big news in the works, but since it’s still preliminary, I can’t say anything about it. If it happens, it’s going to be amazing. In any event, Roadcamp is the geek equivalent of a hippie roadtrip in a VW bus. But bigger. And wired. And less patchouli. Keep an eye out on the website and the @Roadcamp Twitter account for updates on the progress of the trip. This is going to be something to watch!

Chris Cavallari

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