Apparently, it’s been snowing. A lot.

Not here in Maine, mind you, where it’s supposed to snow a lot. Rather, the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest U.S. both have been getting pounded with snow for the past several days, the latest storm dumping another 10 or so inches on the previous 24-30 inches already on the ground. Being from New England, it’s a bit funny seeing people who normally don’t get this much snow go a little panicky over so much in the span of a few days. As evidence of this, my friend Gavin snapped a couple of shots of his local Baltimore grocery store, which people had ravaged in anticipation of not being able to…um, host a huge feast for 3 weeks? I don’t know, but they pretty much bought out everything in the store. Here are a few photos:

Prelude to the Snowpocalypse by charmcitygavin on Flickr

I never knew people needed so much meat during a snowstorm!

Super Fresh in Hampden by charmcitygavin on Flickr

There used to be vegetables in here. Lots of them.

Super Fresh in Hampden by charmcitygavin on flickrApparently, there will be lots of eggs made in Baltimore during this storm. But few pancakes.

*photos courtesy charmcitygavin on flickr

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