TRIP REPORT: Portland Trails – Fore River Sanctuary

Portland Trails SignSpring was definitely in the air last weekend in Maine, and I’d be damned if I wasn’t going to take advantage of warm temps and sunny skies. After hitting up a nice brunch, my friend Bryan and I set out for a leisurely hike on our local Portland Trails system at the Fore River Sanctuary.

We started our trip out at the Congress St. trailhead near the south end of the Sanctuary. Jewell Falls is the highlight of this easy loop hike, right in the middle of Maine’s largest city, Portland. The Fore River Sanctuary covers 85 acres of lowlands, an area where fresh water from the Fore River meets saltwater from the Atlantic Ocean. The area provides great birdwatching opportunities, as well as a respite from the grind of daily life in the city.

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The Sanctuary is easily accessible from many residential side streets, but almost immediately you forget you’re in a city. The pines and oaks seem to silence the usual din, and you’re left with soft winds and quiet waters. That is, of course, until you come upon Jewell Falls, an approximately 30 foot waterfall – Portland’s only natural water fall.

A short time-lapse video of Jewell Falls.

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