Friday Snapshot: Ocean City, New Jersey

I have another guest post today, this time from my friend PurpleCar (a.k.a., Christine). Christine lives in Philadelphia, PA. I asked her to send me a photo of some of her travels, and she sent me about 15! This one stood out though. Read on.

Ocean City, NJ Summer 2008

I should live at the beach. Fewer allergies, more sunshine, peaceful sounds of waves crashing. Alas, we live and work in Philadelphia, so our shore exposure is limited. We take the standard week-long beach vacation everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) from Philly takes, and we have the occasional hey-why-don’t-we-drive-down-the-shore-today insane jaunts that the kids love (before kids it was the crazy hey-why-don’t-we-drive-down-to-Atlantic-City-tonight jaunts… *sigh*). But in the summer, who can get enough of big ol’ beach chairs, fresh ocean breezes and feeling the soft sand between your toes? Certainly not me.

What beach is “your” beach?
Ocean City, New Jersey.
Chris Cavallari

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