The new Part Time Vagabond Photo eBook

Part Time Vagabond Photo Book 2013In late 2011, I started putting together a book of some of the photos I had taken that year, with a little recap of how the year had been for me, personally. It was a fun way to represent my life and have something tangible from it for posterity. I did the same thing in 2012 and just recently printed that book too.

As I was browsing through the images, I noticed that I had some pretty stellar photos from my travels around the U.S. and to other countries. Sadly, I didn’t have many from other countries because my travels were mostly work related, and in my line of work (cameraman), your time is mostly spent shooting video for other people. But I had a decent collection, and thought it would be fun to share that with the world.

And that is how The Part Time Vagabond Photo Book came to be. The book is a collection of some of my favorite travel photos I’ve taken over the last few years. Not all my images made it into this book, but they will someday, and I’ll certainly take more as my travels take me around the globe. For me, it’s a great motivator, a way for me to not only break out my camera more often, but also an inspiration to travel more frequently, and to places I’ve never seen. And of course, it’s a motivator to share those images with you.

And so it is, I am proud to announce The Part Time Vagabond Photo eBook, a free gift to anyone who signs up for the PTV Newsletter.

Thank you for being a part of this. I hope you enjoy.

– Chris

Chris Cavallari

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