Why You’ll Never Travel The World

Climbing Journal Mount Rinjani

Photo by Trekking Rinjani on Flickr

Everybody’s got an excuse for why they can’t travel.

“It’s too expensive!”

“I have to take care of the kids.”

“I’d have to leave my job.”

“I’m afraid of other people.”

The thing is, those are just excuses.

Travel is not too expensive, if you’re creative and willing to change your idea of what traveling is.

You can take the kids with you, if you do a little preparation. People do it all the time.

You can work out a “work-from-home” deal with your boss. Just start small and negotiate.

People aren’t as scary as you think. In fact, most people are really nice, even to Americans.

The benefits to seeing parts of the world that are not your own far outweigh any risks, real or imagined. You’ll never see anything worthwhile if you let your fears get the best of you.

What’s holding you back from going where you want to go? I’m willing to bet I can convince you that your fears are unfounded. 

Chris Cavallari

About Chris Cavallari

Chris is a longtime digital content producer based in Maine. Since 1999, he has been an early adopter and active participant in blogging, podcasting, and social media, and has been guiding small and mid-sized businesses in leveraging video, social media, and digital publishing to the fullest. With an avid love of travel and the outdoors, Chris started PartTimeVagabond.com in 2009 to give him a platform to showcase his outdoors and travel adventures, and to help educate others in doing the same.